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South Maryland Baseball is a program, not simply a team, located in Southern Anne Arundel County, Maryland. South Maryland program fields select teams at 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U and 16U. This past season the South Marylanders took home the Championship trophy for the regular season in the Anne Arundel County "B" Division in both 10U and 12U . The 14U South Marylanders took home the Championship for the 14A regular season and has already shown that they will be a contender during next seasons tournaments and seasonal play.

South Maryland is not defined solely as an Anne Arundel County program. It is a multi-association program that seeks keen opponents and a broad range of competitive opportunities.

The progression of developmental objectives for each age classification is further defined on the respective Team Pages. A summary of those objectives follow below:

  • 10U South Marylanders: Players play on an smaller diamond, 60ft base paths and a 45ft mound. The program prepares boys for the experience of real baseball.

  • 12U South Marylanders: Players play on an intermediate diamond. The program prepares boys for the transistion to the full-sized diamond at 14U.

  • 13U South Marylanders: Players will be introduced to the 90' diamond, along with a year of accelerated competition, the program is designed for boys who are capable of becoming high school players. We commit our team to a VERY demanding schedule.

  • 14U South Marylanders: A year of accelerated competition, the program is designed for boys who are capable of becoming high school players. We commit our team to a VERY demanding schedule.

Program Philosophy

Our primary goal is simple: Attract committed athletes who are focused on becoming good baseball players. We seek the most talented, toughest, and committed athletes to fill our rosters. We want players who can possess these attributes, not because they think they are a finished product.

Our teams are grounded in developmental principles that combine learning the game with playing against the best competition available. Philosophically we define ourselves as follows:

  • We use coaches who have significant experience. Most of our coaches played and/or coached in high school or college programs.
  • We seek strong leadership and individual accountability. Excuses for poor performance will not be tolerated. We want players to learn from mistakes and to work on fundamentals.
  • This is a performance-based program. Players should be prepared to compete every day, be it in practice or a game. Nothing is guaranteed. We expect players to contribute through hard work and performance.
  • We demand that players become their own advocates. Players, not parents, should address issues of playing time and positional opportunities.
  • We seek strengthen our rosters by a combination of continuity and addition of new talent. We want players to earn an invitation to return year after year. However, as players matriculate to the higher age levels we seek to develop players who are capable of advancement to collegiate competition.
What it Means to be a South Marylander

Everyone in baseball endures individual frustrations. As a player who climbs the ladder of development, your role on teams will continue to evolve. Some of this is a result of the hard work you put into your game as a pitcher, a hitter, or a fielder. Some of it has to do with your growth and athletic development. Players in the South MAryland program may become re-defined as players. This is a good thing, not a bad thing.

Everyone sacrifices a little “something” to play on the best teams. You are a South Marylander because you are a good and committed ballplayer. This does not mean all of you will get to pitch every fourth day, or get four at bats per game. It means you may play outfield rather than infield… but you are part of a team and a program that is making you a better player… one a high school or a college coach will consider a “gift” when you enter their program.

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